The experience saved our marriage alongside some mutual hard graft, grace and forgiveness and lots of love and support from family and friends. When we met Alison our 11 year relationship was very dysfunctional and damaged – we were both very hurt, not communicating well at all and trying to deal with the impacts of depression and the loss of our identity as a couple (and as individuals to some degree). Alison gave us a safe space to reflect on our feelings, confront the situation with honesty and look at where we had come from as a couple and what we were both doing that contributed to things not working over time. She was incredibly non judgemental and so we felt able to talk about the hard stuff we had struggled to say to each other. We then focused our attention on what we were working towards and she gave us some fantastic tools and insight to heal the hurt, improve our communication and interaction which we had space and time to put into practice and further reflect on. This support has helped us move from thinking we couldn’t go on as a couple to reconnecting, moving forward, creating new memories and happy moments together and our communication and conflict resolution has improved massively and can only get better from here with the tools and knowledge we have been given. We are so thankful for Alison who is amazing at what she does and we are really excited about this next chapter together.

Keep doing what you do, you are fantastic!!

Thanks again Alison, we are so appreciative of your time, input and encouragement, you’ve been amazing!

Rachel and George (name changed)


I regularly attended for 18 months due to difficulties I was experiencing with my ex-husband and my concerns regarding our children’s emotional wellbeing.

I found my sessions so very helpful, thank you Alison. You helped me to express and explore my feelings and importantly you helped me to find ways to manage my ex-husband’s behaviour. This has helped me to stay strong for our children and has really boosted my confidence. I just feel ‘solid’ is the best way to describe it!

The presentation I did to open the conference went really well Alison. It was a great day 😊. I felt so good in the clothes I chose! Thank you for those ideas.

And yesterday I found out that I was successful at interview for another job (I was very very impressive apparently!). It’s a job which will make a big difference to my personal and professional life so I am really pleased!

Thank you Alison. You have helped me enormously and I will be forever grateful.

Sarah Greene (name changed)


“Counselling with Alison was a fantastic experience that helped greatly in understanding myself, my wife and how relationships work, develop and why, in certain instances, some of the reasons how relationships can become difficult. This experience also helped me personally (with regard to my marriage situation) and changed me from a person feeling guilt, stressed and depressed to a person who has a  better understanding that marriage is about a relationship that both parties need to work on to enable their relationship to flourish and remain strong. Please don’t leave your profession to pursue another career…you’re very good.”

Paul Smithson, Divisional Director (name changed)


” I would definitely recommend Alison, she was a lovely, compassionate, but at the same time ‘determined’ counsellor, she made us face the issue!”

Clare and Simon (name changed)


“Your gentle guidance is very much appreciated, it brings out the best, not only in us, but also in all our patients, and your unstinting enthusiasm is infectious.”

Lynne Rothwell, Director at Aurora


“Alison gave me coaching on interview techniques. Two days later I had the interview. I enjoyed the experience, felt surprisingly confident and felt a sense of personal achievement at the way I handled myself. The coaching made the world of difference to me and I feel sure I will continue to use the techniques discussed because…I got the job… thank you Alison.”

Fiona Sitch, Pharmacy Area Manager


Alison helped me to overcome an anxiety disorder and depression. I immediately developed a rapport with Alison and she helped me to understand the reason I felt the way I did. Using a mix of her counselling and life coach skills, Alison quickly identified areas I needed to work on.  I enjoyed my sessions and found them very helpful. They enabled me to take stock of myself and recognise my achievements, which I had previously either played down or completely overlooked. With Alison’s advice, I have learnt not to be so hard on myself and this has played an important part in my recovery.

Andrea Williams


I found Alison very friendly, calm and welcoming. She was warm and open and I felt immediately at ease upon meeting her for the first time. The surroundings were comfortable, relaxed and funky. I was undecided about my circumstances and with Alison’s guidance, book recommendations and exercises felt able to make an informed decision and changes to my life. I am now not looking back and am much happier with myself and my life. I also know I will contact Alison again in the future should the need arise.

Carol Pearson (name changed)


“I would like to say thank you very, very much for your help. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be the person that I am becoming today. I will be forever grateful.”

Trudy Duffin: Marketing Consultant


“Alison really helped me when I had a number of business and personal issues that I needed to come to terms with and act upon. Her clear level headed approach enabled me to “sort the wood from the trees” so I could regain control in specific areas. I have no hesitation in recommending Alison’s services.”

Lynne Gale 


“I have learnt new skills to overcome my problems/negative thoughts and have been able to move forward without past events holding me back. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome!”

Claire Wilson (name changed)


“Alison is a professional whose workshops are of the highest quality and enjoyed by all”

Etta Cohen: Director at Forward Ladies


Counselling has helped me a deal and move on from a problem I hadn’t dealt with. This resolution has made my life so much better and I feel the best I have felt for years. I never thought counselling would help me but it is remarkable how much we keep hidden. It is good to be open and honest.”

Tim Browne: Retired


“I hired Alison to contribute to an away day building resources for staff who were under threat of redundancy. Alison brought practical tips for personal presentation and a friendly, informed and fun approach which won everyone over”

Wendy Nicholas


“Alison has helped me through a very hard time in my life. She helped me to see more clearly and to be able to cope with the challenges that occur though out life. I now feel stronger and more empowered.

Helen Walker


“Alison is an infectiously positive and enthusiastic person, who has the ability to quickly identify the key issues and provides clear and helpful advice.”

Rachel M.


“Alison is very friendly and puts you at ease even at the very first appointment”

Stephanie Walters (name changed)


“I found Alison to be professional and she conducted herself with confidence and conviction. She helped me to look at things logically rather than emotionally and by asking questions she got me to see things from a different perspective. The result is that she helped me prioritise some very important issues in my life right now. I have had coaching sessions with at least two other coaches and they were most unsatisfactory. In one hour Alison helped me resolve issues that had been bothering me for three months. We have our very own ‘Fiona Harrold’ on the doorstep. Thank you for everything and I will definitely be returning!”

Polli Holder


“Thanks, Alison for the life coaching. I truly left the sessions feeling uplifted. You brought out many things that I have locked away and hidden. I will use the tools you have given me to help de-clutter my own life. The session had a really positive effect on changing the way I feel about myself.”

Carmel Hunt


“I’ve gained a sense of direction and am able to make better choices in my life. Alison did not judge me and she was open-minded. She allowed me to think and work things out for myself.”

D Smith.

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