The Book

‘Confessions of an Unfaithful Heart’

by Alison L. Tinsley

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I have a confession to make.  Let me explain.  My story begins over fifteen years ago, I was a different woman then. Like so many people, I was unaware that much of my life revolved around searching for love and approval.  And yet you could say I had it all: a husband, two great kids, a strong faith, a fulfilling career and a lovely home.  So why did I feel so empty, so lonely and so desperate to be loved?

Why indeed?  At the time I didn’t have any answers, only an incredibly strong subconscious need to be valued and appreciated for who I was.  My marriage of eleven years had been a happy one, but it had arrived at a place where many marriages visit, a place called ‘familiarity’.  Movies like ‘Pretty Women’ simply fuelled my fantasies.  I wanted my own Richard Gere to pull up outside my house, in his white limousine, to rescue me from the curse of monotony.  Little did I understand the power of my day dreams.  I was soon to discover the difference between Hollywood and real life.

Herein lies my story, a journey through fantasy, adultery and ultimately, self- discovery.  Subsequent events would change my life, forever.  My actions prompted a year of sheer emotional turmoil.  Certainly there was rapturous pleasure; forbidden fruit does something quite tantalizing to the taste buds.  And yet as my tale unfolded, the outcome was one which I could not possibly have foreseen.  Once my foot had taken its first step across the line of temptation, there would be no going back, no return to normality and life would never be the same again.

So why would I want to share such a story?  Well, my hope is that it will help and inspire others. So many struggle with the same issues as I did, low self esteem, lack of confidence and an inability to accept oneself.  As you read my story, I trust you will open your mind.  If you can do this, then your life can take on new and exciting possibilities, no longer confined by the constraints of your past or your mind.

We are all under such pressure from the media, peers, and society.  It’s a subtle but relentless pressure to feel inadequate unless we have it all.  The irony is that we are indeed worth far more than we realise, but having more things and looking young forever will not satisfy that inner craving for happiness and peace.

I was just one victim who was sucked into this lie: an ordinary woman who apparently had it all, yet one who made some extraordinary life choices.  This unlikely and difficult pathway would lead to the creation of a new woman.  Not a new female species with super powers, but a very human woman who could finally love and accept herself.  A woman who could celebrate her successes, learn from her mistakes and who could triumphantly confess that her heart was now whole.

I trust you enjoy the story and learn as much about living life to the full as I have.



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